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As we know our hair can off have a personality of it's very own.  Some days it wants to cooperate, some days it doesn't.    During different seasons, you may find you get different results.  That's where this post comes into play.  Here I will post another great article found at Naturally giving helpful tips to combat those days when our hair wants to act  ...lets say other than we would like.  Here is what is said:

Essential Oils

Chaz Dean, celebrity stylist and founder of Wen Hair & Body Care products and Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood, Calif., suggests using a product with essential oils as a leave-in treatment for unruly tresses. His product line includes cleansing conditioners, styling cremes and texture balm (all containing plant and fruit extracts), as well as three bath, body and hair oils: Tea Tree (especially for sensitive, dry or flaky scalps), Fig and Sweet Almond Mint.

“It’s cold-pressed oil that helps penetrate into the hair to where it’s not greasy,” Dean says. “The oils are used directly on the scalp as a treatment and to help stimulate healthy hair growth, especially in the months we’re approaching.”

Ethan Shaw, a stylist at Anne Kelso Salon in Austin, Texas, suggests carrying a spray bottle with an essential oil as a time-saving tool to prevent frizzy hair and perk up droopy curls on the second or third day.

“I like tea tree oil, and you can mix it with water,” Shaw says. “The oil is light enough that it’s not going to make your hair feel oily, and just heavy enough to give you a little more control than just water would.”

He recommends the Bumble & Bumble Tonic. Or you can create your own by filling an 8-ounce spray bottle with water and half an ounce of tea tree oil.

It’s great when you’re on the go,” he says. “And if you’re really trying to fight the humidity, for some types of curly hair, that’s going to give a firmer hold.”

 Deep Condition

Christine Williamson of Carriage House Salon & Spa in Cambridge, MA also recommends a deep-conditioning treatment — either in the salon or once a week at home.

The cuticle in curly hair, because of the spiral, stands out a little bit, which causes the frizz and bushiness,” Williamson says. “When you’re applying the deep conditioning treatment, you comb it through with a wide-tooth comb, and then put on a shower cap to add a bit of heat and intensify the treatment.”

Shampoo strips the hair of its sheen, moisture, luster and shine so it leaves it dry, dull, and frizzy automatically,” says Dean, who urges curlies to use a detergent-free cleansing conditioner instead.

When choosing a conditioner, Dean cautions against protein-boosting products.

“A lot of leave-in conditioners and deep conditioners contain protein,” he says. “Although a lot of companies think protein is good for the hair, I’m one who does not believe in that whatsoever. Hair is made up of protein, so when you add more protein to it (which is a strengthener), there’s no flexibility so the hair just cracks and breaks. What the hair needs is moisture.”

Great points this far...what do you ladies think.  To read the rest of the tips check out Naturally here:

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Coilybella said...

Great Tips!!! I nveer knw that Tea tree oil could be effective in that manner!! Thanks for sharing

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Wow, I also didn't know Tea tree oil was good for fighting the frizzies. Thanks for sharing.

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meeksj said...

WOW this was a great read.. now had I came & read the day it posted might of helped me yesterday when my tnc was totally frizzed out due to the humidity/rain... but I learned something new today about tea tree oil.. who know.. luv learning new things about my hair.. Thanks & keep up the good work..

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