Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

Today I want to share in my excitement of my new BFF, my hair steamer! . I 've had this little number for about 2-3 weeks.  And, I couldn't be happier, I love how my hair feels after using it.  I purchased it from
LCL Beauty on eBay, at the great price of  $ 90.00  The reason why it was discounted is because of minor scratches to the hood,.  It came brand new, well packed, super quick free shipping. And, works great, in fact I can barely see the scratches, so that works for me and  it doesn't compromise the performance of the steamer what so ever.

Another, reason why I chose to go with LCL Beauty oppose to the heutiful hair steamer was the height adjustment.  Which is perfect especially, because I wanted to use it on my 2 oldest daughters hair as well as mine.  And, it works out perfectly for each of us, super easy to adjust for each of our height.  It has the rolling wheels, so that it's really easy to place it where you like, and fits perfectly in the corner out of the way. And, the hood is adjustable!

I use my steamer once weekly, yes ....I steam my BC or what's becoming my TWA, I sure do! (smiles).  I wanted to start the extra conditioning regimen ASAP on my hair, even at its shortest point.  Which is something I did not do when I first BC'd, in fact I was really uneducated at that  importance of deep conditioning, and moisturizing not realizing that both of these are key, to healthy hair.

So, this time around there are things that I will not do in the way of my hair journey, and things I will be implementing for the very first time. 

Getting back to my weekly steaming process ( in which I looove) currently my two favorite conditioners that work tremendously with the steamer are the " My Honey Child Molasses Hydrating Deep Conditioner" and
"My Honey Child Honey Hair Mask"  ( stayed tuned for the reviews forthcoming on both products and there performance on  3b/3c hair- me, 4a/4b hair- my oldest daughter, and texlaxed hair- my middle daughter) in which you can purchase here they are both fabulous conditioners which give amazing results by themselves, but with the steamer...stellar!. 

After, my steam treatments my hair is super soft, very moisturized, and my cuticles are very smooth.  I definitely can tell the difference from using a hood dryer, as well as the heating cap ( in which I still like very much, that would be my second alternative to the hair steamer, as far as great results) compared to the steamer.  I plan on sticking to the steamer from this point on, god willing.  I am a faithful , dedicated friend of the hair steamer (lol). Below I will provide the link, for those who may be interested:

I'm not sure if they have the discounted steamers as of now, but they do have hair steamers for sure .  If your at all interested I would just continue to check back with them a few times to see if and when they will have any discounted steamers available.

So , there you have it! My thoughts on the "LCL Beauty" hair steamer.  
Happy steaming!. Thanks for stopping by  And , remember to stay....naturally fabulous!.  Until next time,

     ENJOY & TAKE CARE !!!!


ChocolateOrchid said...

Ooh! Congrats on your steamer purchase! It is a wonderful thing.

Can't wait to read about the My Honey Child products. I've had my eye on them for a while.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid...Yes! I am really enjoying every moment using my steamer :))

My Honey child products are my holy grail products. I looove her products super moisturizing!...stay tuned for the review's.

Thanks for stopping by CO, take care

Atiya_BK_Chick said...

Congrats on your hair steamer! I wish I had one, but until then I guess I'll improvise. I hear you on giving your hair the healthiest start it can get!

Coilybella said...

I am so happy for you Zainab. Steamers are great to have. They make such a big difference.

The Honeychild line sounds tempting. I am looking for the holy grail moisturizing deep treatment with no protein. I will be waiting for your review.

Unknown said...

@Naturalblackone...Thanks!, Hopefully you will have one soon:)
"LCL Beauty" is offering my followers a special, stay tuned for the info.

Yes, I plan to do added things to my natural this time around. Starting now (Lol)

Thanks for stopping by NBO, take care:))

Unknown said...

Tinuke...Thanks, Tinuke! I am really enjoying my steaming treatments.

Myhoneychild,..I cant say enough about this line, seriously. I will use nothing else. Stay tuned for the review.

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care.

Kira Rana said...

The steamer may be the next thing I try out..I just have to save up lol...Love that you and NaturalBlackOne did the bigchop..I have been thinking about doing it once again for a while..I think I know so much more about my hair..starting over I know my hair so much better!.... but anyways great post lol :)

Unknown said...

@Kira Rana..yes! The steamer really is great to have. This Big chop was just as exciting as the very first! it!.

Stay tuned for my next post as '"LCL Beauty " has offered a discount for my followers! ...yay! (lol)

Thanks for stopping by,Kira. Take care :))

Hair Steamer said...

Another, reason why I chose to go with LCL Beauty oppose to the heutiful hair steamer was the height adjustment. Which is perfect especially, ...