Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hello...Hello ladies!

Today I bring an great article via the fabulous and very informative "Chicoro".  In this article she speaks about using the "IH" method  for caring for your natural hair.  She goes onto say:

Lots of people use the "IH" method in their lives. What is the "IH" method?  the "IH" method stands for, "I heard..." many people go buy what they heard and incorporate this method and use only this method in their search for better hair care.

There is always a grain of truth to what you hear. When you hear about someone is doing , if you can ask them why they are doing it.  Verify, the purpose.  You may find that they have a host of situations and circumstances that pertain to them , and their hair care but not necessarily to yours.  If you hear something and it sounds interesting, research it.  Start at the Internet, library, etc.  Drill down into scientific articles. Don't just accept something because you heard it.

This is how many unscrupulous cosmetic companies strip your pockets and your hair.  It's one thing to buy something and know what your getting its another thing to buy something and use it and not be able to explain why.  Women have far less economic power or money than men, when compared on a global basis.  Yet, are charged more for our personal care products and are subjected to having all kinds of unregulated synthetic chemicals and components placed in our products. 

The "IH" method is okay to start with when trying to learn new information.  Please don't let it be the only way you make your decisions about your hair and your hair care.  As with all things in life worth having, beautiful hair requires work and knowledge .  Both of which are do-able for you and attainable by you.


My thoughts:

Well said ,...when I read this article I agreed with her on many levels.  To be totally honest I've been guilty of this a a few times myself . I also believe this is what lots (not all) product reviews are based on.  

 How about you ladies, have you found your self falling into the "IH" method at one time or another? And what are your thoughts on the "IH" method?.  I would love hear what you ladies, think.

Many thanks to Chicoro for sharing this with the natural hair community, you are appreciated :))

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.  And remember to stay ....Naturally Fabulous!

                                TAKE CARE !:))


ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! Oh so many times, I've fallen to this. I'm not as susceptible to it as I was when I was newly natural, but I do still have my moments. She made some great points as far as addressing that everyone's hair circumstances & needs are different. I agree with her.

Thanks for sharing. As usual, this was great!

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid...I agree with you I have fallen into this from time to time as well, but like you Not as much now.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by CO and sharing your thoughts with us, take care :))

Tiffany said...

This truly made me LOL! Cause I know I was bitten by the IH bug 18.9 gajillion times as a newbie. But I gots my groove now baby!

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...Yeah, me to Tiffany i've had that bug a few times myself. But, I've gotten much better:)0

Thanks for stopping by , take care.