Sunday, April 10, 2011


Heeey  fabulous fellow naturals!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Today lets talk color.   From time to time I have heard naturals debate about the topic of color, questioning if a natural color's her hair,  Is she then not considered to be natural.  I'm talking permanent color, semi color or even a rinse.  I know from experience that when using permanent color there are harsh chemicals involved, consisting of bleach, peroxide of different volumes, etc.  Which could in fact ( I don't know , because I've never done color on natural hair) change the texture and or curl pattern of the hair strands.

So, ladies sound off,  What do you ladies think , If you color your natural hair are you then no longer considered natural?

I would love to hear what you ladies think.  And as always remember to stay....naturally fabulous!

                                        TAKE CARE & ENJOY!!!


Anonymous said...

for me the answer is yes. I think that when you nit pick about little things it takes away from the whole natural hair journey.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think you are natural. Changing up colour, to me, is completely different than changing your hair's texture by relaxing or texlaxing. Colour doesn't change your texture - it's still is whatever texture it was before. My two cents...

Unknown said...

@Alana..Hey Alana, How nice to hear from you again. I agree with you 100%, your right when you pick at every little thing during your hair does spoil how beauitful this journey is.

Thanks for stopping by Alana , take care :)

Unknown said...

@TheaccidentalNatural...Great to hear from you!, and thanks for sharing ( your two cents, LOL)


ChocolateOrchid said...

I definitely agree with @Alana on the nitpicking on little things. I love color and definitely believe that you are still natural with it.

It's one of the things that I look forward to doing the next time I bc since I've hennaed my hair about a million times.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid...I loove color too.:))

Thanks for stopping by CO, and sharing your thoughts with us, take care. said...

I actually can say the opposite, when I colored my hair I feel like it helped my curl pattern! I had a semi-permanent color! Color should not determine if someone is natural!

Unknown said... agree with you...I love my semi -permanent color !

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Stop by often , take care :))

Coilybella said...

Hmmmmm, being that I have had color in my hair for the past two years, I can honestly say that it is a chemical that can alter the natural composition of your hair, that means you are not 100% natural. If you asked me this question when I first colored my hair, I would have said that you are still natural with color. But knowing how I have suffered from having color in my hair, I do not believe that one is natural with color. However, HENNA is considered natural and does not alter the state of the hair . So it really depends on what you color your hair with.

let me summarize: Permanemt color is damaging!!!! Take it from me people. It makes your hair look pretty but it can have some horrible effects on your precious tresses.

Unknown said...

@Tinkue...I totally agree with you in that permanent color , can have a negative affect on hair , let alone natural.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, tinuke. take care :))

Unknown said...

Coloring ur hair is damaging if its not kept moisturized. I have color and my curl pattern, texture hasn't changed. I co wash, deep condition and use a leave in conditioner along with hair moisturizer. It all depends on how u take care of ur hair. Coloring ur hair can also help u keep up with its growth.

Unknown said...

Hi Mika,

I agree, keeping our hair healthy has a lot to do with maintaing it's health and up keep. And just as you've stated moisture is key!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here with us at AuNaturale. This is quite helpful , as I am considering coloring my hair, in the very near future.

Thanks for stopping by, take care.


Anonymous said...

Natual hair to me is hair that has no chemicals in it at all. Color is a Chemical ladies and if you have color in your hair you are not natural. Take the chemicals out of your hair then you will be natural.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We value your point of view here at AuNaturale.

Thanks for stopping by, take care.