Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello fabulous naturals!

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on My Honeychilds "Buttery Soy Creme". I purchased this before my second BC ( along with a few more of my products I plan to review , now the the children and I are on spring break for a few days maybe I can get them all done , lol) so its been a few months or so that I've had this product.  Onto the review, let's take a brief look at what she says about the product:


The Buttery Soy Creme will soothe a sensitive,dry itchy scalp, promote and maintain healthy hair growth while eliminating dry scalp and breakage. It adds manageability and shine to naturally curly, wavy, frizzy and coarse hair. It enhances waves and curls, add and maintain moisture to dry, brittle and damaged hair.


Soy Butter,Soy Nut Oil, Raw Honey, Coconut oil,Vitamin A , Vitamin E, Butter essence oil and purified water .


 It does exactly what it states it will do.  My middle daughter was suffering from a bit of dryness in her scalp from time to time during the winter months.  Due, to the dry air and let me tell you I used some of this for a while on her scalp , and her scalp loved it more dryness !.  This is a great creme! it is super thick in texture, so only a little is needed.  Has a scent that puts me in the mind of vanilla cake batter ( which isn't bad).  Provides excellent moisture to the hair, I would say it would be excellent used during the winter months, it would definitely give the moisture needed for that time of the year.  I would also say it's a heavy creme, for my 4b/4c ladies ( like my oldest daughter), ...stellar! and for my 3b/3c ladies ( like myself) excellent as well just be sure to use a very little , especially if your hair is fine it could way your hair down if to much is used.  I've found that I really didn't have to reapply for a few days, that how thick and moisturizing this creme is.  It provides great shine, and left our hair super soft. And from my experience goes on easy.  This little number is a keeper in my household for the winter months.

I know there isn't much talk about My Honeychild products. But, ladies let me reassure you I have had great moisturizing days using her products.  Her products are very moisturizing , I have a few more reviews to do from her line and to be completely honest with you, I haven't tried them all . But, I only have 1 (one) product thus far that I've purchased that I wasn't raving about and will not be repurchasing.  So stay tuned for more :))  Below I will provide the link in which you can view the products and read a few of the reviews for yourself.

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ChocolateOrchid said...

Okay. You obviously did a My Honeychild haul. Lol.

Thanks for sharing your experience with this product line.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid..yes, I guess you can say , I did (lol).

Thanks a bunch for stopping by CO it's always a pleasure hearing from you. Take care :))

Marilyn said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog.. So informative and cute.. Thanks for sharing your experience with this product..Love your hair.. I'm Marilyn from officially following ya.. Hope you can stop by sometime.. TY

Unknown said...

@Marilyn...Thanks! for your kind words :))

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and taking the time to comment as well sharing the link to your wonderful blog. Stop by often, Take care :))

Tiffany said...

hey Z. can u inbox me at want to know how u used this as a leave in or styling moisturizer. my daughter has medium to fine hair and it be dry alls the time. i think this maybe what i am seeking...thank u

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...Will do:))