Friday, March 1, 2013


  Happy Frugal Friday Ladies!

Today I share with you the popular DIY soap powder for washing clothes.   There are many versions to this recipe. Many make this in liquid form, from my research the liquid form loses its effect after time thus needing it to be used quickly. So I chose making and using the powder form , which works great, it"s HE safe ( I have an HE washer , and have not had  any problems ), it last for months , even up to a year depending how big of a batch you make.

Its Super easy to make, and of course I feel is it's a safer way to wash my families cloths without worrying about the dreaded chemicals that comes with the price we pay for factory, name brand washing detergent's. It's even a great gift for family and friends !

Some have a problem using Borax, after doing more research and weighing the pros and con's . I have found nothing wrong with including Borax in my soap powder. I've found some research that claim  the PH in Borax is weaker than the PH in the washing soda , which in turn feeling there is no need for the use of  Borax.

Here is my feelings on this theory, I feel using all of the ingredients included in the soap powder, makes for a stronger soap powder therefore providing  my family and I cleaner , fresher clothing. So lets get into the recipe:


6 Cups of Borax
6 Cups of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
1-2 Cups of Arm & Hammer  Baking Soda
1 Bar of grated Soap (  I use Dr Bronners or Zote ) 

* Double for larger batch. Or use less for smaller batches.


Grate your soap of choice into a separate bowl or container.  Mix all of your ingredients together. and transfer into a large container of choice one with a lid. I use 1 tablespoon for smaller loads, and 2 tablespoons for larger loads. And there you have your  own DIY soap powder detergent!

I have found making my own detergent using the few ingredients aforementioned, has saved us  in spending and it last for months!. I will never go back to anything other than this way of washing  my families clothes.  This has been the best!

Well , That's it for Frugal Friday's in Review. Thanks for stopping by, Have a great weekend.  And remember to stay Naturally healthy and Fabulous !



LazyCouchPotato said...

I am trying to eliminate harmful chemicals from my life, so thanks for this :)

Unknown said...


You are quite welcome! I couldn't agree with you more, it's sooo much better, and healthier. Thanks for stopping By NaturalNubian, have a great weekend!


Brandi said...

I've seen this recipe a lot lately on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing this. I think I'm going to give it a try.

Unknown said...

Hi Brandi,

Yes. its very popular. I love it I will never go back to the other deteregents. This works great!

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by Brandi, take care!

Serena said...

Hi all. I've been washing for years now with natural soap flakes that I can get at the drugstore and a bit of borax. I'm very very satisfied and happy, and when I go to the supermarket and see all those people carting off those enormous, heavy, EXPENSIVE boxes of commercial detergent........ I wonder why they haven't discovered natural soap flakes yet. There is nothing more natural and chem-free, and our clothes are just as clean as everyone else's haha.

Unknown said...

Hi there serena!

Yes, I Couldn't agree with you more. I was once one of those buying into the expensive name brand detergent, the very ones with harmful chemicals.

I am thrilled to have gone a better route, one that gets me and my families clothes clean, and is much more frugal. I will never go back to the other types of detergents ( smiles)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts will us serena. Stop by often. Take care.