Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hello fabulous naturals!

As many of you have noticed this adorable video celebrating little girls and their hair all over the blogs.  Helping to teach our little sweet peas the joy of self acceptance and self -esteem.  I watched this with my 5 year old and she loved every minute of it ( even my older girls came in and thought it was adorable).  As my 5 year olds eyes got very big, along with the widest , brightest smile on her pretty little face.  She, clung ever so close to me for me to pick her up so that she could sit in my lap so that she could get a better view. She sat very still and quietly taking in every word.  As she left the room she sang very softly " I really love my hair" for the entire day.  And, has since asked me to save the video, and I thought to my self sure why not.   LOL , I thought it was adorable.  Shortly, after we watched the video together I made sure to explain ( in a way a 5 year old could understand) what the message was in the video.  Its purpose, and so that she uunderstood , that although in the video the Muppet's hair went from curly and fabulous like hers,  to braids, and then straight.  It can all be done just as her hair is right now, curly and beautiful.  I think she got the message ( lol).

I came across a link to the scene behind the scene to this video which has the greatest message for our sweet little girls.  A inspirational video, I thought you ladies may enjoy, so grab your daughters, your nieces, your granddaughters, students, etc and ENJOY! :)

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Spesh said...

Hello Zainab :-)
Thanks for the link,wil be sure to share with ma cousins.
I'm happy to report that the ORS fertilizing serum is doing wonders to my hair :-)
I noticed my sides seem to be longer than the crown/middle though,is that a sign that I should give it special attention?
Thanks as always :-)

Unknown said...

@My world...Great! so happy to hear of your great results w/ ORS serum. As far as your two different lengths from my experience that could mean a few things one being that your hair just simply grows faster in one area of your head than the other. I have heard of this, quite often. Just keep doing what your doing it sounds like its working for you. And, dont forget those scalp massages that helps a great deal. Even for your crown area. It will aid in stimulation of your scalp. Keep me posted.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, take care.

Spesh said...

oh.well,thats good news :) thanks as always for your help,I will be sure to fill you in.
take care too,sister x

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Yay for your little one! Sesame Street got it right ;)

Unknown said...

@The accidentalnatural...Thanks! , yes I agree sesame street was dead on with this one:)

Thanks accidental natural for stopping by, take care.

NaturalReview said...

The little girl in the picture is so adorable.

Unknown said...

@naturalreview...Isn't she precious!

Thanks natural review for stopping by, take care.

ChocolateOrchid said...

This little precious baby on this pic is melting my heart.

I'm lovin that Sesame Street did this. So glad a father was moved to do something like this for his baby that would effect many, many others.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid...Isn't she precious! I agree what sesame street did w/ this was great. Thanks for stopping by CO, take care.