Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey there fabulous naturals!

I came across the most fabulous, the most inspirational , and even a few laughs you tube video I just had to share.   I hope to someday soon attend a natural hair meet up.  The inspiration in the room from what I have seen watching  you tube and even reading a few post from those who has been fortunate enough to attend, is one that you must witness in person.  The way ladies are embracing their natural hair is beautiful.  As well as the way the beauty of being natural is slowly embracing our daughters, our nieces , our grandchildren ( I don't have any of the last two ) the very young, the young, the middle aged, the old and yes even the very old .  Because both of my grandmothers had natural hair.  From time to time when I was younger I clearly remember the days I would watch in amazement the beauty of my grandmothers hair (both of them maternal &paternal) and how from time to time they would press their hair.

My paternal grandmother wore a mini Afro for many, many years.  And , it was fabulous.  I can recall a time when I was a young child .  My parents would go to Jamaica every year for their vacation.  One time my mother left with middle length hair.  And, came back with the flyest Afro.  Very similar to the fellow naturals hair in the video you are about to watch.  And it looked absolutely beautiful on my mother.  So yes ! we can all be natural and matter what age !!!

Check out  this fabulous YouTube video:

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Spesh said...

Hi Zainab :)
thanks for the link,will check the video right away.

Also,may I ask if I can use thyme oil for my spritz?
I just got a bottle and want to try it,and I know you know a lot about herbs.

thanks for your help always, take care x

Unknown said...

@My World...Sure can! now if its in Essential Oil form use in moderation. If its an herbal infused oil there is really no need to watch moderation to much. Just make sure to use to , to much to prevent oily hair. Either way using the thyme oil should be fine. Keep me posted on your results. Thanks my world for stopping by, take care.

Spesh said...

Okay,thanks so much for your help once more.
I sure will keep you posted, take care :)