Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello...Hello  fabulous fellow naturals!

I 've recently received my new seamless comb in the mail.  In which I am love with, the new edition to the family is the creative 661 seamless comb.  I ordered from Tender headed Accessories, and I must say the shipping was pretty darn quick, I love that!

Upon visiting the site I couldn't figure out exactly which comb I wanted to purchase.  But, after giving it much thought I finally came to decision.  And I am super pleased with my choice.  So, here is a bit about my new edition to the family:

The creative 661 seamless comb

This elegantly shaped seamless comb is a staff favorite. The finer teeth are great for smoothing your hair and the wider teeth are great for detangling. This seamless comb has nice rounded tips, which delicately glide along your scalp. This particular comb is flexible and bends along with your hair as you comb it. This adds to its gentleness. Length: 7 1/2". Width (at the widest part of teeth): 2".

I say:

This comb is on point. As soon as I used it I could tell a huuuuge difference in the way my hair reacted to this comb.  This little number glides on your hair strands while combing.  One thing that really sealed the deal was the wider teeth on one end and the closer teeth on the other, which the end with the closer teeth  is really great for smoothing the ends and the wider end is great for detangling.  Its like getting two combs in one.   Now, for those fabulous naturals who may not know exactly why its a for us naturals to use combs with seams.  Well....its because the seams in which you will notice if you look closely in the very middle of each of the teeth in your non seamless comb tends to snap, break, pull at our tresses.  Which can and will cause major damage to our hair over time.  It is best to only...only use combs that state when buying them seamless combs.  These combs DO NOT have that horrible seam in between each tooth that our hair doesn't like.  Trust me ladies, if you do not own a seamless comb , it is something in my opinion worth getting.  You wont be sorry, your hair will love you for it.  Now lets hear from the actual company that makes the seamless 661:


Each of our handmade combs is saw cut from a single sheet of quality Italian produced cellulose (cotton) acetate and its teeth gently rounded.  There are no burns to catch and break hair and cause split ends.

Ordinary combs are molded from inferior plastic and have burns and jagged seams between the teeth that breaks and damages hair, making it dull and lifeless.

Cellulose acetate is non-petroleum based plastic, primarily used for eyeglass frames. It does not irritate the skin and resists the build up of static charges.

To order this lovely little number , visit tenderheaded Accessories

Thanks for reading, and remember to stay naturally fabulous!

                                                               TAKE CARE :)

P.S. Is her Afro ( the picture above) on point or what ! ...FIERCE!!!!


Coilybella said...

That looks like a really nice comb. And yes that sister's afro is the business!!!

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...Yes! I love the comb:)

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care.