Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey there fabulous fellow naturals!

As winter is quickly approaching, we all know the importance of retaining moisture for our tresses.  The winter can be the most drying time of the year for us naturals.  I have always been a fan of pre pooing And have seen great results, doing so.  However there are soooo many fabulous recipes that naturals use to make there very own pre poo.  So my question to you ladies is as follows , If you pre poo,  share your formula.  Share with us here at AuNaturale what you use on your hair during your pre poo.  Also do you pre poo on dry dirty hair , or do you pre poo on damp/ wet hair and why ?

Here I will start ;

I pre poo on dry hair ( however, I have done so on damp hair , but like the results much better on dry hair)  using one of my herb infused oils usually Olive oil.  I have used coconut oil in the past, but have recently realized coconut oil makes my hair frizzy.  Applying the oil first and then on top of that I simply use a  my co-wash conditioner which is vo5 moisture milks strawberries & cream conditioner mixed with Aloe Vera juice.  I then place a plastic cap on my head and allow the mixture to remain on my hair for at least an hour , if not more.  Rinsing and moving onto the next part of my regimen.  Doing this leaves my hair very moisturized and extremely soft.  I normally only pre poo when I'm going to shampoo or clarify my hair.  This little number has yet to let me down .

Remember, ladies there are tons of new naturals on the horizon and this tad bit of information may be just what they need to get them on their way. :) 

Until next time , remember to stay naturally fabulous !

                                                TAKE CARE :)


socialitedreams said...

i pre-poo on dry hair to soften and prepare for shampooing. I use olive oil, coconut oil, and a creamy conditioner (usually aubrey organics honeysuckle rose). I've noticed less knots, softer hair, and easier detangling sessions. this also helps to keep moisture levels high because the shampoo is buffered by the oils

Natasha -- said...

Hmm, I've always done pre-poos on damp 'n dirty locs.

I'd imagine using up too much product (in this case, extra virgin coconut oil) doing it on dry hair so the water's like a magical product activation serum!

Ok, I'm being silly but, yes, I get my locs wet first. Same for my daughter who has loose 4b hair. Her pre-poos are on a more regular basis than my own and typically stay on overnight Friday or Saturday so that the rest of her process gets done over the weekend.

As I think I'm on the verge of oversharing, let's stop there...

Unknown said...

@Sociallitedreams...I pre poo very similar to you, and you know reading your comment I realized I didnt even share my pre poo, lol.

I agree with you 100% doing prepoos this way I have had great softness and moisture .

Thanks a bunch for sharing and stopping by Sociallitedreams, stop by often. Take care.

Unknown said...

@Natasha..That sounds great, my daughters hair loves pre poos also. It leaves both of our hair feeling wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us Natasha. Take care.

ChocolateOrchid said...

I slightly dampen my hair but think I'll give my pre-poo application a try on dry hair.
I usually pre-poo w/a co-wash conditioner + an oil + honey (during cooler/cold months). After applying, I cover my hair w/a plastic cap and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. I like to pre-poo before I do a shampoo.

Natasha -- said...

Thanks for the reply. I'll try to remember testing out the pre-poo with dry hair next time!

Tester said...

I don't really pre-poo, but now that it's winter time, I might start. If I start I'll do it with a cheap oil like Hot 6 oil. Thanks for posting!

Coilybella said...

I used coconut oil on dry hair for a long time but recently I prepood using a mixture of coconut oil, aloe juice and suave coconut conditioner and my hair was even more manageable with this mix.

Unknown said...

@Tinuke..Yes I agree with you although I no longer use coconut oil. Using the oils with aloe juice and conditioner works great. my hair loves it!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us Tinuke, take care.

Unknown said...

@Onyx rose... You are quite welcome. yes ! hot oil treatments are great especially during the winter.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing with us Onyx rose, take care.

Unknown said...

@natasha--sure thing! Take care.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate orchid..That sounds great! my hair loves honey :)

Thanks for stopping by CO and sharing with us. Take care.

Shawnystheone said...

I always prepoo on dry hair . I prepoo prior to a henna so that way it slides off easy as well as giving me additional moisture as henna can be drying.

I usually prepoo with vatika oil , vatika frosting, or cocasta oil. If Im feeling savvy sometimes I will pick up another oil blend that I have laying around. I also prepoo with AO conditioners prior to a henna at times, I sometimes prepoo and then sit under the steamer, then rinse and style.

Its been working like a charm for three years so far.

Unknown said...

@Shawnystheone...Great pre poo! Pre-poos are the best.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing with us shawnystheone, take care.

Anonymous said...

I never realised that coconut oil can leave the hair frizzy. I will keep a watch out for that - thank you for sharing the tip.

I prepoo overnight on dry hair with coconut oi and castor oil. I also do this when I am clarifying or cowashing

Unknown said...

@paigetheblogger...I'm not sure if everyone will have that problem w/ coconut oil. But, as much as I love using it. If I use it directly, like without it being in another product pretty far down on the ingredients list. It will leave my hair frizzy :(.

Thanks a bunch pagetheblogger for stopping by and sharing your pre poo with us. Take care.