Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello fabulous naturals!

This question in my opinion can be a loaded question.  There can be a whooole list of a naturals, natural hair inspiration.  And for so many different reasons.  To inspire and to be inspired in an awesome experience.  I have been inspired by many different women in my life on many different levels and for tons of different reasons.   So, in short I ask you ...who are your natural hair inspirations.

I will start, My beautiful daughters are my natural hair inspiration's.  OK, now your turn !

Until next time remember to stay naturally fabulous.

                                                          TAKE CARE :)


socialitedreams said...

Teyana Taylor, Jordan post of my hair inspirations here:
Hair Inspiration

Coilybella said...

For a lot of reasons including hair, INDIA ARIE.
She is absolutely beautiful

Tiffany said...

great question. i went natural to understand for my daughter. and rustic beauty on youtube was an inspiration to me.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Ooh, this is a difficult question for me because there are so many natural heads (in media/entertainment and off) who have inspired me and still do. So I guess my short answer is every woman sporting their fabulous natural head of hair that I see on a daily basis.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid...Great! thanks for stopping by CO, take care.

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...Awww how sweet, YES my daughters are also my biggest natural hair inspirations, so I know what you mean w/ your daughter. And, how nice to know that another fabulous youtube natural inspired you, thats fabulous!

Thanks for stopping by Tiffany, take care.

Unknown said...

@Tinuke , yes she is ! she is not only beautiful on the outside, but has a beautiful spirit, I love that!

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care.

Unknown said...

@socialitedreams...thats wonderful, that these ladies inspire you !

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing that with us. Take care.