Monday, November 15, 2010


Heeey ladies!

Hope everyone had a great and productive weekend. I've recently realized  I am currently in need of a new seamless comb.  I  have one but feel It's time to get another.  However, can not find one like what I have, and I am also having a hard time finding one without seam's   So, if any of you ladies know of a place I can get a great seamless comb do share.  For those of you ladies who may not be familiar with what a seamless comb is.  It's a wide tooth comb in which us naturals need for detangling, etc.  But, these combs do not included the seams in the middle of each tooth.  The combs with the seams in middle of the teeth are a big no no for our natural coily, kinky tresses.  They tend to snag, snap and pull our very fragile hair strands.  While researching seamless combs on yahoo I can across a great article about handmade combs.  Take a look

Don't forget ladies, do share where you purchase your seamless combs.  Thanks! and remember to stay naturally fabulous.

                                                TAKE CARE :)


Coilybella said...

I usually buy mine from Tenderheadedaccessories and
Sally's Beauty Supply

Unknown said...

@Tinuke..I saw that tenderheadedaccessories, I will check it out agin. Thanks a bunch Tinuke, take care.