Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hello ladies!

I came across a YouTube video called from a fabulous fellow natural.  There she shared a Atlanta based natural hair salon geared toward young naturals which is called"Girls R Groovy Too !!".  The salon is absolutely adorable, along with providing services they also teach these young ladies proper hair care and education for natural hair.  The entire idea to me is one of greatness.  And to be quite frank , has by thinking cap lighting up!.  I would looooove to do something like this.  I think it is is very important that we do all that we can to continue to encourage our young ladies, that there is many, many types of beauty and that being our natural selves is one of them..Loving and excepting what the creator has given us.

However, I am also one who truly believes this concept must start at home.  Way before society gets a hold of our precious gems.  Way before someone is able to alter the minds of our daughters into believing that there natural beauty is not one of acceptance, before someone puts in our precious babies minds that to be excepted they must look like everyone else in their neighborhood, in their school, in their classes, or even in their circle of friends.  I am also one who strongly believes that the fathers ( if present) must step in and help in  letting our daughters know that they are beautiful and #1 at all times.  Before, another male steps in and alters our daughters way of thinking into believing that they must look for acceptance through a strange male counterpart.  If fathers are not present , than ladies that too falls on us...we must let our daughters know their beauty is one of a kind on the inside as well of the outside.

Before I decided to home school 4 out of the 5 of my children , I was very active in the school in which they attended.  It was there that I saw first had how some of our young ladies in our communities are really in trouble. From everything from their language, to their inviting way of dress ( these were elementary school children), their confidence level, and their willingness to do anything to get attention no matter who or where it came from.  This saddened me on so many levels almost daily.

This is why when I saw the idea surrounding the salon"Girl's R Groovy Too" I was thrilled ( I just love that name).  And thought , perhaps I can try in starting something similar to this. Especially since I have 3 girls of my own, I would think I'm pretty exprerinced in the are of raising girls (lol)  In which teaches young ladies, I'm talking elementary to high school.  The importance of their natural beauty, how to care for their natural beauty, positive ways to deal with life issues while not compromising be the ladies that they are.  I am not completely sure on how I am going to go about this entire idea.  But, it is one I feel is needed. Maybe scouting out a fellow like minded natural to partenership with me ( I dont know, just an idea).   It would be a non-profit organization, maybe try in getting a few sponsors, introducing many of the fabulous natural hair care lines out that are children friendly (maybe starting out with samples), etc.  It very well may start in my very own living room.  By going to my local schools , inviting some of my daughters Friends & parents ( because remember it all starts at home, and sometimes we as parents could use tips too), inviting some of the neighbor hood young ladies.  I don't know... but I feel I can offer something to the young ladies in my community.... something in this line of work.  And, it would be my pleasure.

I will gladly post the link below for your viewing pleasure of this wonderful salon.  Lastly, if  any of you ladies have any ideas please feel free to share them with me.  I would love to hear from you , thanks for reading...take care and

Girls R Groovy Too!! (site)



BreukelensFinest said...

OMG i love that the trend of having natural hair is continuing down the generations! its so important to teach little girls not only to take care of their hair but to love it as an extension of themselves, their pride and their heritage. loves it!

ChocolateOrchid said...

Oh wow! This is my first time hearing of this salon. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check this out.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid ...You are quite welcome!:) Thanks for stopping by CO, take care

Unknown said...

@BreuklensFinest...Yes..Yes...and Yes!!, So true indeed. I love it too!:))

Thanks for stopping by BF, take care.

Tiffany said...

Yes, our girls are not getting the right images on TV (videos) and radios. It is very important to celebrate their beauty. I have 2 boys as well and we are making sure they are aware that girls need their "protection" whether or not they know it. And it may not be physical "protection" maybe merely, not saying something hurtful or allowing someone else too. Our kids need us to be involved, to care.

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...yes, so very true indeed. I also have two boys and from the time they were able to utter the word sister , female, etc I taught them and continue to teach them they must...they must protect their sisters and any sister, for that matter. And I agree not with violence, but in trying to prevent harmful things just by simply saying some words of encouragement.

Thanks Tiffany for stopping by, take care:)

TheSistahChick said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to our video! My LittleChick and I had a great time, its a truly beautiful spot. It is an outstanding concept and the energy there was so positive. Best wishes to you on your future ventures.

Peace :-)

Unknown said...

TheSistahChick...Thank you very much for your well wishes. And thanks a bunch for stopping by AuNaturale It's truly an honor to have you :)) stop by often, take care.