Monday, October 18, 2010


Hey there fabulous naturals!

As some of you may know I reported in a previous post my thoughts on the hairveda moist condition 24.7.  To be used as my co- wash conditioner, I went on about how much I loved this conditioner.  I am sad to report I believe this little number may be the culprit on the extra....I said EXTRA  frizz I've been having:(
This is disappointing to me because I really like this product .  It left my hair super soft and moisturized after each use.  But then !  I noticed more and more frizz each time I used .  Frizz I never had before using this product.  I don't mind frizz, in fact I welcome it.  In my opinion it comes with the beautiful journey to being natural.  Not, to mention it can give you the flyest big hair.  I believe its the GLYCERIN.  Here are the ingredients once again:


 Water Coconut oil, Hydronated Vegetable oil, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Chloride, Dimethyl Stearamine, Lactic Acid, Germall Plus, Fragrance. 16oz. bottle.

Now, the odd part is that on the hairveda site for this particular product glycerin is listed 3rd on  the ingredient list.  On the very product I have in my hand its listed as 2nd.  Now, I know that's not much of a difference and I agree.  But, to me it can be a bit of an issue because if it is in fact 2nd and not 3rd like their site states.  This could be why my hair reacted the way it did.  Because being listed 2nd means it more glycerin in the product oppose to actually being 3rd.  Perhaps, its just an typo.  Any who, it's not working well for my hair anymore:( .   On to....


This was frizz city in my hair also.  Nothing like the leave in I love that Kim from YouTube shared.  This stuff here.... left my hair dry and frizzy.  But, it did however do well on my daughters hair which is 4a , my hair is 3b/3c, and it also did not do well on my baby girls hair which is in the 3A area.  I normally don't get to much into the grading of hair.  It can drive you crazy, but it does help from time to time in finding the better products for your hair.  I will not be repurchasing this product.  The leave in I was using before this and currently using( Kim from YouTube leave-in ) works much, much, better on our hair.  Here are the ingredients:


Water, Glycerin, Ricinus Communis Oil, Sweet Almond Oil. Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter),Ceteryl Alcohol, Steryl Alcohol, Sunflower Oil, Allantoin, Isopropryl Palmitate, Emulsifying wax, Germall Plus, Light Fragrance.

That darn Glycerin!


 I brought this particularly for my girls hair.  I really have no need for a pomade.  This works great in my girls hair and does exactly what it says it will do.  It provides great shine , holds hair down where need while providing great moisture. I'm not sure if I will repurchase, but its not a bad product.


Ingredients include: Sweet Almond Butter, Sweet Almond oil, Ricinus communis Seed oil, Beeswax, L. Laurate, Copernica Cerifera Wax, Fragrance. 6oz.

There you have it my thoughts on my small Hairveda haul.  Thanks for reading!

                                                                                      TAKE CARE!

Stay tuned for my thoughts on Bee Mine Curly Butter.



Coilybella said...

seems like glycerin is not agreeing with your hair
You are doing a really great job identifying the "bad" ingredients

Unknown said...

@Tinuke..hey there ms tinuke :) Thanks!...Yes, your right glycerin seems to not be my friend anymore:(

So on ward and upward. Thanks for stopping by Tinuke and sharing your thoughts, take care.

Tiffany said...

Shoot, do you think you can still use it for the kiddos? I haven't bought anything from Hairveda, yet...but thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...I've been trying to see which ones hair will like it. But, its been a bit of a hit and miss. Thanks for stopping by Tiffany, take care.