Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hello fabulous naturals!

Recently I received an email from some very unpleasant and quite frankly down right miserable folk.  Apparently, somehow... someone from... someplace, either did one of two things contacted these folk themselves or oddly enough they found AuNaturale.  I did a very beneficial little post that I FOUND repeat FOUND and innocently enough thought how useful let me share this with the AuNaturale family.  Now, whenever...WHENEVER I post something and it is not of my very own wording I ALWAYS link it back to the source and ALWAYS state that I FOUND it.  Meaning it is NOT something I wrote myself.  I never try to take credit for something that is not of my own...GOT IT!.

I find it some what odd that these folk just stumbled onto AuNaturale when it would seem they have ABSOLUTELY nothing in common with AuNaturale and what it stands for.  I innocently was simply sharing something that came to MY email box ,  I repeat MY EMAIL BOX so there for I was under the assumption it was mine to do with it as I pleased.  There was nothing to it but passing on beneficial info.  I am very aware of the copyright law.

I wish to never be so uptight over such trivial things in my life.  Life is way to short for this non-sense.  So, to the person or persons or WHATEVER if you are looking for trouble here @AuNaturale you have come to the wrong place.  This is a place where I enjoy SHARING, and allowing OTHER people to benefit.  What good is knowledge if you cant SHARE.  SHARING is taught in grade school.

If any of you find beneficial information here @ AuNaturale and you feel it will help others....Hell, feel free to share it.  I am not and have never been an uptight person.  I believe in help one help all.

Again if you are looking for trouble and go around scoping out blogs to be mean or mean spirited stay the hell away from AuNaturale, because I am not in any way into those childish games.  There is and will never be no harm intended coming from AuNaturale.  I am a very pleasant , loyal and friendly person.  If you are not please move on...and if you are WELCOME!...PASS THE WORD.

Thank you:)


Tiffany said...

whoa. they are not getting the best of you now are they. don't let anyone ruin ur shine some folk are just about the drama. i luv visiting, keep up the good work.

Coilybella said...

That's right Zainab, set them miserable people straight.Some folks just do not have a life.

Unknown said..., thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care:)

Unknown said... way:) I will not allow that to happen, but you know sometimes some things have to be said, ya know. :)

Thanks for stopping by Tiffany , take care.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Hon, say it ain't so. I love your blog and the info you pass on. And as you stated, you always link so what's the big deal?!

Keep up the great work! You and your efforts are certainly appreciated!

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid...Thanks CO,I appreciate your continued support.Thanks for stopping by, take care:)