Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello fabulous naturals!

Let me share more with you a bit about my friend Bentonite clay.  I looove to use this clay on my hair.  I opt to use this treatment instead of using a clarifying shampoo.  I usually do a bentonite clay treatment once a month.  You can purchase Bentonite clay at your local health food or vitamin store.  I purchase mine at the local vitamin shoppe in my area.  And , when applying I apply it on wet hair.  Making sure it reaches every part of my hair from my scalp to the very, very ends.  To be sure that my hair receives  all of the benefits and clarifying that bentonite clay has to offer.  I usually leave it on for about a good 30 minutes.

There are many benefits to using Bentonite Clay:

1.  It is a gentle yet effective way to clarifying your scalp and hair.
2.  It gently draws out all of the impurities from your hair and scalp which includes, oils, dirt, and product build-up.
3.  It enhances the natural curl pattern.
4.  It's perfect for co-washers especially because co-washers are prone to product build-up.
5.  You can do this treatment as often as you wish.
6.  There are many, many, many did I say...many :) great choices you can use to mix with your bentonite clay a few being.  Herbal infusions of water, tea, aloe juice, apple cider vinegar, and oil.  Then there is coconut milk and even coconut cream.  I like to use....yes you've guessed it..... herbal infusions of water, aloe juice and oil.


1.  Do not use any metal of any kind when mixing your bentonite clay.  It is said that the metal will have an effect on your mixture.
2.  And always, always follow up with a deep moisturizing conditioner.  Which will help in restoring the moisture back into your hair.  That the bentonite clay has drawn out due to the clarifying properties.

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update on bentonite clay..

One of my faithful fabulous natural followers , left a comment to this post after it was posted.  And brought up an excellent point.  She was wondering the pH of the clay.  OOOPS! I immediately thought how on earth had I let something so important to me slip by me....the pH level. 

I immediately went to test the bentonite clay and it came back at pH of 9.  Not good.... to strong for our hair.  This test was simply done with the clay and water.  Sadly, I ran out of Aloe juice I will be picking some up this week ( god willing).  Once I receive it I intend to immediately re test the bentonite clay mix with aloe Vera juice.  Its from my prior experience aloe Vera juice has the tendency to lower the pH balance in products.

I sure hope so , I like Bentonite clay.  It works well in my hair.  I will not be using this clay again until I receive more Aloe Vera juice .  Which will enable me to retest the clay, if it is still pass the safe range in pH for our hair ( which is 4.0-5.5) I will no longer be using bentonite clay for my hair.  Stay tuned....

Special thanks to  Tinuke  from  Coily Bella's Haven :)


Coilybella said...

You know, I have this Bentonite Clay sitting on my bathroom shelf. I am scared to use it as I don't know its pH level(hard to measure)

Like you said, it can be mixed with aloe juice or ACV, even if it is alkaline, those should lower the pH.

Thanks for the tips!!!

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...Thank you ! for the reminder, how on earth had that gotten pass me to test the pH. Thanks to your reminder I immediately went to test the pH and guess what it came back at 9 pH. A little to alkaline. Now, that was done w/ just water and the clay. sadly I ran out of Aloe going pick some up this week and I will quickly retest it w/ aloe. Aloe usually helps in bringing down the pH levels. I sure hope so I like bentonite clay.

I am going to update my post A.S.A.P

I will also update the pH levels w/ the aloe once I get it. If you do so keep me posted. Thanks for stopping by tinuke, take care.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

ChocolateOrchid said...

Thanks for all the info. I have a tub of this and have only used it once.

Can't wait to read your results after adding the aloe vera.

Btw, that's another pic I'm lovin'.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid....I will update you ladies on my findings once I redo the test w/ the Aloe juice. And yes she is fly!!!

Thanks for stopping by CO, take care.

NaturalReview said...

I have some liquid bentonite. I am wondering if I can use that on my hair as well.

Unknown said...

@Natural Review ...really, I didnt even know it came in liquid form. Its good to know, its great for the face as a mask.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, take care.

Jocelin said...

I saw this post after I did a mask on my hair about two weeks ago. I want to know what can this product do to my hair since the ph is to high? I wasn't impressed with it at all and it seemed like it took awhile for my curl pattern to snap back, if that makes sense. I was under the impression that is stretches the curl pattern out but returns back to original shape. But my hair just does not seem the same to me.

Unknown said...

@Jocelin...The pH I performed w/ the bentonite was done soley w/ the clay & water. I plan to do it again w/ aloe juice, its been my prior experience that a bit of good ole aloe juice always seems to stabilize the ph in our hair products. So, stay tuned for the results of that, now this is not for sure that this will lower it in ph. Bcause I am curious I want to see myself as well.

As far as what it can do... because it seems to be alkaline I would think with continued use with out trying to lower the ph it could cause our hair to swell and began to eat away at our hairs outer cuticle layer ( if by chance your hair seemed a bit rough to the touch , this may be why) be cause high ph levels in our products have a tendency prevent our cuticles to smooth or lay flat.
It may be that your hairs ph is off, so you can try this. Try using a product/ or products that will now close your hairs cuticles helping you to retain your moisture.( IN THE 4-5 PH RANGE)

I'm not sure if you are familiar w/ the leave -in that kim from you tube shared with the natural hair community, if not try it it is great! this is the ONLY leave in moisturizer I use on my hair as well as my girls. It is Ph balanced in the ph range that will help in closing your cuticles and retain moisture ( ph of 4-5, the product should be)here is the link to her recipe

If by chance you do not own ph strips, try to get some they are great and has help me a ton!

I hoped this helps Jocelin, if you have more questions that I can help you with please feel free to ask.

Thanks for stopping by, take care.