Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello fabulous naturals!

I found a Great article.  It really hits on some great points.  Check it out, see what ya think.  Enjoy your weekend and stay naturally fabulous!!!

                                                                            TAKE CARE! :)


ChocolateOrchid said...

First order of business: That pic is slammin'. Lovin the hair, the dress, the pose, the model. She is workin' it!!

The article: I enjoyed this and I have to agree with her to an extent. While people and the media mostly gravitate towards the coily, curly crew, I still do catch some outright kinky hair being praised or in the spotlight. Hopefully, with time and open minds this will change.

I've seen posts and articles where people discuss "going natural" as being a trend of sorts. And that very well maybe true for some, but I still am happy that natural hair and texture are being celebrated & embraced, whether or not whoever's rockin' it as a trend or not. And overall feel like this is a good thing, especially for our babies to grow up seeing and embracing who they are and not what they think they should look like.

Ooh, I may have been a little all over the place with my comment. Lol.

Unknown said...

@Choocolate Orchid...Yes this sister is FIERCE!!!

Trend to some not to others either way being natural and raising my daughters as confident naturals are with out a doubt in my mind hands down, is fabulous!

I agree with you CO I spot out quite often in fact a kinky type haired natural on the screens and in magazines. Just as much the coily naturals. We are all fabulous every one of us from every strand of natural hair on our god given

LOL...@ "all over the place w/ my omment"

No, your not I understood and recieved all of it. It was a joy to read.

Thanks for stopping by CO and sharing your thoughts w/ us. Take care. :)

Tiffany said...

Ok I want to High 5 Chocolate Orchid...I luv that we are embracing it. And we do all have different textures and that is ok too! I have been mulling over a way to present that in a post....

Unknown said...

@Tiffany..I love that we are embracing that as well :)))

Thanks for stopping by Tiffany, take care.