Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey there fabulous naturals!

Although I choose not to use cones on my hair or my daughters hair.  I must admit there were a few conditioners with cones listed as their ingredient , which I loved on my hair.  But, after doing further research I made a decision to do away with cone filled products.  To go further I find information about cones to be interesting at times and quite controversial. 

You have some fabulous naturals who swear by cones stating that it leaves there hair silky, soft and easier to manage.  Then you have some fabulous naturals who may have very well felt the same or who just simply choose not to even go near cones, but they ultimately realize that its something they do not want to use in their hair.  There are many pros and cons.  So, lets explore a few.

Whether cones are good or bad for you depends on What are cones? It's any product from shampoo, conditioners to styling products which contain some form of silicone's which is a long word for cones.  Silicone's are often listed in the ingredients and end in "cone".  Now, there are many forms of cones but lets explore two. 

Dimethicone Versus Cyclomethicone

Did you know that sometimes dimthicone is sometimes referred as simethicone which is in fact one of the heaviest of all silicone's used in many hair care products. Cones have often been referred to as wax because it adds a thick coating on top of the hair. 

Dimethicone can build up on the hair and may need to be removed with a clarifying shampoo, sulfate or a shampoo with cocamidopropyl betaine.  But, what is for certain is that it can not be removed with just a conditioner.  Like you know a conditioner wash.


Cyclomethicone is said  lighter than dimethicone and also leaves a great slippery , silky feeling after using.  But, leaves nothing behind it evaporates quickly.  Also, Cyclomethicone does not necessarily need to be removed with clarifying products since it doesn't not normally leave any residue on the hair.

Putting a stop to receiving moisture

One of the many reason some fabulous naturals  don’t use cones is because the cones may block moisture for our tresses.  Cones can leave the hair feeling puffy , dry and rough.  There has been some reports that cones don’t allow the hair to breathe but this argument doesn’t really hold up because hair is dead once it leaves the scalp and it doesn’t breathe.  While cone lovers report that cones and polyquats are great for flyaway hair because it smooths the cuticle, weighing it down and making the hair sleek.  It  doesn’t impede oxygen intake.  While it may not wash off completely, if you actually switch to a non-polyquat shampoo.  I don't know , so this is why I tend to stick to what works for my hair and , my girls hair.

Lets talk Water Soluble Cones

Water soluble cones are good for those who want the benefit of cones without the risk of moisture balance issues. Non water soluble cones may make hair feel rough, crispy, stiff or generally hard to the touch.  Conditioners and hair care products that contain some types of cones may not penetrate into the cuticle leaving a top residue which can be hard to remove and give hair a greasy or oily look.  I have noticed Some hair care products that do contain cones but they are listed near the bottom of the ingredient list might work best for those that can’t normally tolerate any type of cones,  Example, hello hydration products. 

when hair is wet

I have personally noticed that whether cones are water soluble or not I  notice my hair feels great when wet but the proof to whether cones are good or bad for your hair is when the hair ultimately dries. If the hair dries feeling crunchy or dry and coarse. This how I realized cones were not for my hair.

Then it could be the opposite your hair could feel sticky or gooey ( if you will) since it does build up on hair it can also leave your hair feeling dry and looking dull, I have experienced this as well.

Hair Breakage

 I believe At some point the hair can become so cone compromised the hair will break off.

Ultimately, using cones solely depends on you and your hair.  So experiment , take pictures touch your hair get familiar with the feel of your hair, etc.  Just remember that what may work for some may not at all work for others depending on hair texture, etc.  Also, remember to read those labels and keep plenty of notes be it on paper or in your mind.  Just remember we all all on a journey to healthy hair care.  Until next time...

Stay naturally fabulous!

                                                   ENJOY AND TAKE CARE :) 


Anonymous said...

I try to not use cones as well. It has been working out well

Unknown said...

@Alana...thats great! Glad to hear its working for you. Thanks for stopping by Alana, take care.