Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hello Ladies!

It's that time of year again. Where I flee market, and vend !. Here is just a taste of what I have in stock, with new earrings coming!. Here you have earrings for all types medium, large, and long and an array of  beautiful spring , and summer colors. Bracelets of many colors and styles including lovely beaded bracelets , stone bracelets, and bangles.

 Above your also find  a taste of the Scarves I carry, many of beautiful spring and summer colors. They are large square scarves with professionally serged edges in 45 inches made of Georgette, Crushed Chiffon, and Yoryu materials all of these materials are light weight. . 

 Also carrying what is called "Go Green scarves" These scarves are recycled scarves, meaning they are pieces taken from the original scarf of the exact print the pieces are then sewn together with a perfect stitch and made into another scarf. The seams are professionally stitched and well done, you can not tell there is a seam. In addition the seam adds character to the scarf.

My earrings are $10.00 for 12 pairs plus shipping.  The prices vary for my bracelets. My scarves are a dozen ( 12) for $20.00 plus shipping. They all make fabulous gift's or just a treat for yourself!

More fabulous earring to come!!

If any of you ladies are interested feel free to email me @

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. And remember to stay naturally healthy and fabulous!