Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hello Lovelies!

There has been many discussions, and views on natural hair. With that there are some that feel natural hair is sexy, then there are those who feel natural hair is not sexy at all.

Here are some views of men I found in the way of sexy hair, and their thoughts on it being sexy. But First I will share the view of a man I know personally:

Do I think Natural hair is sexy? ...Absolutely!. There is nothing better than a women's natural beauty that the creator has endowed upon her.  Not to mention natural hair looks better than weave or chemically treated hair ( i.e relaxed). It feels better, its softer, and smells good. Additionally it's healthier for you.

M. laing, 48 

There are other opinions I've found from men:

I like natural hair because it's fluffy, also because it seems more honest. Thinking its harder to maintain Natural hair, so I assume the women is a hard worker, and that's attractive to me.

Love that she can change her hair from long, to a bun, to curls. Sexy.

There is nothing more attractive than a black women who is proud of her hair and let's it show regardless of what society may say or think.

It takes a little more effort to manage that hairstyle ( natural) and it gives an exotic look. In my opinion it shows that she cares about herself and the way she looks.

Yes! I love natural hair on women, Afro, Locs, Curls, the whole gambit. There's something so reassuring about a women comfortable with her natural textured hair.

I think natural hair is very sexy... I think it's because it shows you and who you are ( not behind a mask) it gives you a chance to showcase who you are as a person.

I think it shows the natural beauty of a women. It tells me that the women is is sexy in her own skin ( hair).

I like the Afro form of natural hair, because it reminds me of the retro classy look.

I love these comments these fellas gave. And couldn't agree more . If I'd say so myself! (smiles)

OK, ladies what about you. Do you think natural hair is sexy. And do you feel sexy, adoring your Natural ?

OK, I'll start....heck yes! (lol)

Thanks for stopping by, take care. And remember to stay positive, naturally healthy, and fabulous!