Wednesday, March 6, 2013

~ L .O. L. C. B. METHOD ~

Hello Ladies!

I know many or some of you have heard of the LOC method.  And many of us had been applying this method for quite sometime, just not realizing it was actually considered a method.  The LOC method is where on your wash day and throughout the week as needed.  You apply the following :

L- Liquid ( this can be from the water from wetting your hair , or you can apply your liquid spritz mixture if you have one and use that as your liquid.)

O- Oil your oil of choice

C-  Your cream of choice.

This had been my normal way of moisturizing my hair for as long as I can remember. Then I tried the LCO method. Which is the following :

L- Liquid of choice ( water, liquid spritz mixture)

C- Cream of choice.

O- Oil of choice.

So after using the LOC method for sometime. I read about the LCO method, and upon reading and doing further research it was suggested that doing the LOC method you may actually be blocking out the effectiveness of the cream in trying to seal in your moisture because you have then sealed in your water with the oil, therefore not allowing the cream to get through your strands , thus sitting on top of them.  Not to mention this method just didn't keep my hair hydrated long enough. I new it had to be something better, so my search began.

So  I then tried the LCO method. Now with the LCO method I must say my hair strands felt a bit more hydrated and the moisture level did last longer that the LOC method. But again just not enough, So I continued to search.

Now the thing with both of the aforementioned methods, I thought to myself what about the leave in's ? As I always use a leave in, and I did so with this method.

But, then I found this .

The LOLCB method. This is the best method ever, this method is and will be a keeper in my regimen all year around. It has worked wonders for my hair.

It goes a little something like this :

L- liquid . I use the water from washing or simply wet my hair under the facet, and spritz my lavender aloe spritz.

O- Oil.   I use my favorite "Olive Oil"

L- Leave- in .  KBB'S Sweet Ambrosia

C - Cream.  Any of my rotating creams as a moisturizer with the likes of, Bask Palm Tapioca ,Olive & Jojoba butter cream by Naturalee hair care .

B- Butter.  Any of my rotating Butters as a sealant Jane carter Nourish and shine, or Mango vanilla hair butter by Naturalee hair care.

Since using the LOLCB method, I do not have to moisturize my hair often through out the week. I wet my hair daily, by doing so the water often reactivates the oil, cream and butter previously applied.

The best thing I found while being natural is to simply listen to my hair. It will always tell you what it needs. Be it through the way it feels, all the way to the way it may react to a certain product and or ingredient. Our hair knows !

Thanks for stopping by , take care. And remember to stay Naturally healthy, and fabulous!



Atiya_BK_Chick said...

Gotta try this out. The LOC method doesnt do my thirsty strands any justice after awhile..

Unknown said...

Natural Black one,

Yes I agree, I was using that method before this one and it just wasn't enough. It didn't seem to leave my strands hydrated enough.

Give this one a try. I love it , it is a must in my regimen.

Thanks for stopping by, take care!

Anonymous said...

I use the greenhouse effect starting the night before, then the LOC method and lastly before styling with eco styler I use the Q is moist, shiny and soft...has anyone used these methods with results

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,

I've never used the Q redew, but I've heard great things about it. Considering getting one.

Thanks for stopping by , take care .